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Environmental Facts

We are reminded everyday how important it is that we all do our share in taking care of the environment.  Did you know that the home fragrance industry has a poor track record in producing "environmentally friendly" products?


It is estimated that well over 100 million used candle jars, aerosol cans, plug-ins and other home fragrance delivery systems make their way to America's landfills every year.  Over the years, this has produced a mountain of discarded home fragrance products that take many lifetimes to breakdown.  


Thru the Garden Window produces products that are truly "environmentally friendly".  When finished with one of our garlands it can be placed in your mulch pile,  Our wreath can also be placed into the mulch pile once you have removed the shaping wire (which can be recycled).  The potpourri can also be placed in the mulching pile. 


Over the past few years, there have been improvements in the fragrance oils used in most products.  Our fragrance oils are made with all organic ingredients.   


Our products are beautiful, unique and "environmentally friendly".   Home Fragrance and Beauty from Nature is our slogan.  Thousands have made the switch and you should too!  

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