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Frequently Asked Questions

These are actual questions that we have received from our customers.  If the answer to your question is not listed below. please email us at

Question 1

Q. When I place my order, how long is it before it is shipped?

A.  On average, an online order will be shipped within 2 or 3 days after receipt of order.  

Question 2

Q.  How are your packages shipped?

A.  We ship our packages by United States Postal Service.  Most items are sent by Priority Mail with smaller oil shipments by First Class Mail.  Typically, the shipping time is 2 to 3 business.  

Question 3

Q.  Will I receive a tracking number?

A.  When your shipping label is generated, a tracking number is sent to the email address that is on the order.  

Question 4

Q.  Are your oils safe?

A.  Our oils are NOT to be ingested.  If you spill oil on your skin, wash it off with soap and water.   The oils are made with organic ingredients so they are very safe to breathe.  

Question 5

Q.  How does your $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping work?

A.  The best way to explain this would be to give you several examples.  If you order one bottle of oil, it will cost you $5.99 for the shipping.  If you order 5 bottles of oil to the same address it will cost you $5.99 for the shipping.  If you order 10 wreath sets and it is being sent to one destination, you pay only $5.99 for the shipping.  Finally, if you order 10 wreath sets that are sent to 10 destinations, you would pay a total $59.99 to ship it. 


Question 6

Q.  Are our products guaranteed?

A.  If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please contact us at our email address and we will make the arrangements to return the product and issue a refund.

Question 7

Q.  How do I send a gift to someone not at my address?

A.  Go to the SHOP page on our website.  There is a SEND A GIFT button towards the top of the page.  Press the button and follow the instructions.    

Question 8

Q.  How are your products packaged when a customer receives them?

A.  Our wreaths, garlands and potpourri are placed in plastic bags and then placed into a cub bag with tissue.  Upon receipt, it is ready to give as gift.  Oils are shipped wrapped in plastic with no special packaging. 

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