How to Use

When you spray refresher oil onto any of our products the oil absorbs into each piece.  You control the strength of fragrance by how many spritz of oil you spray onto a piece. 


Unless requested, our products come oiled.  As the scent fades, you will need to spray refresher oil onto the piece.  To refresh a wreath or garland, place the piece into a plastic or paper bag and spray 3 to 5 spritz of oil onto each side.  Leave the piece in the bag overnight so the oil can absorb into the product.  It is then ready to use.  

To refresh potpourri, place your potpourri into a paper or plastic bag and spray refresher oil onto it.  Shake the bag and apply more refresher oil so that the oil is evenly blended.  Leave in the bag overnight so the oil can soak in.  It is then ready to use.