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For more than 30 years, almost every weekend I attached my trailer to my truck and off I go to another craft show.  Each week, there is the set-up, 2 or 3 days of selling and then the tear down and the drive home.  Sound familiar?  While I have loved meeting the people and selling my products, the craft show business can no longer alone sustain my business.  Truthfully, either I create a new revenue stream or close the the doors. 

Every few days, a show that I have done for years contacts me to say because of COVID-19 concerns that their show has been cancelled.  For me, the only viable way I have to save my business is to expand my website business.  For years, my online business consisted of customers who reorder and others that have picked up our printed materials at the shows.  Over the years, in my spare time I have looked into the different methods that are being sold by the internet "gurus".  After paying to have access to a few of these programs, I concluded that the only people making money online were the people selling the information. 

Six months ago, I came across an article about a guy that intrigued me.  He, like me, has been doing craft shows every weekend for 30 years.  I decided to listen to what he had to say thinking that here was a guy who was working in the same industry as I and his viewpoint might be pertinent to helping move forward with our online business.  I also liked:


   He gives you his phone number.  If you call, he will answer or call you right back!!

 His material is easy to understand and it is not full of unrealistic promises!!

You get his personal email address.  He responds very quickly.

If you want success online, this may be your ticket.  Give it a look!




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