Over the past three years, we have received 100's of customer comments.  We have selected a cross section of those comments and they are listed below.

Linda    June 9

I am a repeat customer.  Absolutely the best wreaths and wonderful sprays.  I love them all!!!  If you are looking for gifts you will love all the products.  Excellent on shipping.  Met them at Whole Earth Festival at U.C. Davis.  They are absolutely amazing gifts. 

Lisa  April 21

I  am hosting two wedding events at my house so I will be placing the garlands at various places throughout my house.  I also want to purchase some bags of potpourri to give away as gifts.  I purchased some of your products last year at the County Fair and have never seen such beautiful work and great smelling potpourri.  My apologies for waiting so long to order.  It has been on my to do list for a month and time gets away from me.  

Kathi    March 25

I met you both yesterday at the Home Show at the South Point.  I was the one who purchased the garland potpourri 14 years ago back in Colorado from you that has the pomegranates and artichokes on it.  I bought some of your oil to refresh my garland.  

Toni    October 29

Thank you so much for sending the extra sprays.  I really appreciate that.  Your products are wonderful and I will be ordering more for the holidays.  It is nice to deal with a company that has a great product and nice people as well.  Thank you again!

Marina     September 16

OMG thank you again.  I dedided I love your products so much that everyone is getting one for Christmas from me.  

Todd     August 18

Hello.  My wife and I bought one of your orange blossom garlands with oil at the Prescott Fair last month and love it.  We want to buy one for her mother in Louisiana.  

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